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Briggs and stratton runs rough black smoke

The odds that you would purchase several bad spark plugs are pretty low, but you might want to buy a different brand of spark plug and try it just to be sure. Here are some other common problems to check:. Need more information about this home improvement topic? Connect one-on-one with a home improvement pro immediately through JustAnswer, a Today's Homeowner partner. I have this same issue. But all I do is clean the spark plug and put it back in.

I have a Husquvarna lawn tractor with Briggs and Stratton 24hp. When I tried to start it 3 weeks ago, the engine made a loud backfire and began to run very poorly. I replaced the air filter, spark plugs and fuel filter with no change.

Signs & Symptoms of a Defective Crankcase Breather on a Lawnmower Engine

I inspected the new spark plugs and found them to be coated with black soot. Any suggestions on how t correct these problems? This seems to be a very common problem. Tried fixing everything. Shop takes it, says its the gasoline, fixes it, but it only runs once, then stalls.

I bought a new Troy-bilt with Honda motor, run fine once, then very rough. Drained gasoline, put new in, with additive to stabilize it, better but still rough. Brand new oil, carburetor, filters, plugs. Turns out, the spark plug was going foul and the engine was running rich as a result.

Changing the spark plug and properly gaping it did the trick, just remember that it will take a while for the mower to run smoothly as the mower is adjusting to the new spark plug if this is the case for you. I have the similar problem as you got. Could you please give me the most suitable fuel type? I have a mower that always runs rough when I fill the tank. I changed the plug, cleaned the filter and put in some dry gas. When the gas goes to near empty, the thing runs fine.

But when I stop to fill it up, it runs real rough.

What Are Some Common Problems With Briggs & Stratton Engines?

Ever hear that one before? I just had the same problem engine running rough. Engine ran perfectly temp fix only. I have same problem. Please advise.

briggs and stratton runs rough black smoke

My neighbor has a Murray lawn mower, 4. I put new air filter on, new spark plug and new gas. Still happens. My mower runs rough until low on fuel, then it runs awesome for 20secs before conking out.B owing black smoke like a train, spluttering and no power, this mower is useless, what's going on? Why is my lawn mower blowing black smoke? The most common reason for black smoke is because the choke is on, but there are other possible reasons:.

When your mower starts and warms up, move the throttle lever off the choke position. Choke is only needed for cold starts.


A blocked air filter is also a common cause of black smoke and easy to check. Clean air is as important as fuel. Filtering the air before it enters the engine prevents grit from damaging the carburettor and engine components, it also settles the air. The filter should be checked and cleaned every 25 hours and more often in dusty environments, replace every hours.

Most engine manufactures make it easy for owners to quickly check the air filter. Filter covers are usually held on by plastic clips or simple wing nuts. The easy way to check if the filter is the cause of the black smoke, remove the filter and if the smoke clears, replace the filter.

Go ahead and remove the filter, run the engine, if the smoke clears, replace the filter. Common filter types are pleated paper element, fibre elements and foam.

Some air filters will have a pre-filter, usually foam, wrapped around the main filter, its function is to catch larger debris. Paper and fibre elements can be cleaned using compressed air, or banging them on the ground works reasonable well.

If these filters are oil or fuel soaked they will need to be replaced as this blocks air flow. Never oil paper filters. As you know the function of a choke or priming bulb is to enrich the fuel mixtureso a cold engine starts smoothly.

Your mower engine will be fitted with one or the other. Gas engines run best when the ratio of air to fuel is Meaning Cables will need adjustment from time to time. This type can also stick in the on position, causing black smoke. Primer Bulb - This type set up won't cause black smoke, if you have a primer bulb type carburettor and it blows black smoke even with the air filter removed, then the carburettor is faulty.

briggs and stratton runs rough black smoke

Check that it's moving to the off position, if not adjust cable. Check that it's moving to the off position, if not check for binding links, or faulty thermostat.

The carburettors job is to meter the gas and mix it with the air precisely at The black smoke is un-burnt gas, the carburettor is supplying more gas to the engine than it can handle. Lawn mower blowing white smoke and leaking oil why? The most common reason is too much oil in the engine, remove the excess oil and run the engine until the oil clears. Kohler engine blowing black smoke? Common causes include :.The crankcase breather, also commonly referred to as the PVC valve, is one of the first things to check if your lawnmower is not operating properly.

The crankcase breather traps gasses that escape during combustion, relieving pressure and reducing buildup of corrosive material on the engine system. Knowing how to spot a dirty, clogged or failing crankcase breather early can help keep your engine from seizing or additional damage being done to your mower.

The crankcase breather is generally mounted on the exterior of the engine case, often with a small "cage" around it to protect it but still allow access.

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Oil leaks are the most common symptom of a defective lawnmower crankcase breather. Over time, filters may become clogged with dust and other debris, which restricts airflow and allows pressure to build.

This leads to blown seals and gaskets, causing oil leaks. After cleaning the crankcase breather, the blown seal or gasket will have to be located and replaced before use of the mower is resumed. White or blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe is a strong indicator that the crankcase breather is clogged. Thick black smoke usually indicates the problem is more advanced, and built-up pressure is forcing oil into the cylinder where it burns off and sends black smoke through the exhaust.

If your lawnmower is exhibiting this symptom, cleaning the breather to remove clogs or buildup usually corrects the problem. If the crankcase breather is not working correctly, it can cause damage to other parts of the engine.

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Seals and pistons are susceptible to faster wear and tear when pressure is increased. If you have to constantly replace these items, it's probably time to clean the crankcase breather. A sluggish engine is another sign that a crankcase breather is not working correctly. A clogged breather can cause vacuum leaks, leading to an incorrect air-fuel ratio. You will notice a decrease in overall power and acceleration, particularly at low engine speeds. If uncorrected, this problem can lead to a buildup of corrosive acid, which can damage the entire engine and cause a complete loss of engine power.

Several of these issues can have other causes, but cleaning the crankcase breather or replacing the PVC valve is a fast, inexpensive and easy repair. So it's a good first step to resolving problems without tearing down the engine.

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Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Grace Alexander. Show Comments.Briggs and Stratton engines are known to develop a few common issues, such as the engine overheating or smoking, the engine not starting at all, and the engine running poorly during use, states the company. These issues are generally repairable by the owner instead of requiring a mechanic's aid.

An overheating Briggs and Stratton engine can have a number of causes. The engine may be dirty and require the removal of dirt and debris during a thorough cleaning. The engine may also be low on oil or need the air-fuel mixture adjusted upward.

A leaky gasket may also require replacement to prevent further overheating issues. Fixing a smoking engine depends largely on the color of the smoke. White or blue smoke indicates that the engine is burning oil, whereas black smoke often requires a carburetor adjustment to fix.

The air filter may also require cleaning or replacement.

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A non-starting engine is usually caused by stale fuel, dirt and debris. Replacing the fuel and cleaning the carburetor and spark plugs can often fix the issue. If not, the problem may be the engine's valves and compression system, which may require professional repair. Brigs and Stratton engines can run roughly once started, stalling out during use. This may also be the result of stale fuel or a dirty engine. A thorough cleaning of the engine's parts along with the replacement of the fuel and oil often fixes the problem.

Home World View. Similar Articles. Getting to Know the Nine U. Supreme Court Justices.A properly maintained engine runs better than one that is never serviced or only serviced occasionally.

Prevent this by cleaning the filter regularly. If your mower is equipped with a single-element paper filter, clean it after every 25 hours of use. If your mower has a paper filter covered with a foam pre-filter, clean the paper filter after every hours of use and wash the foam pre-filter after every 25 hours.

A clean filter improves engine performance. Use it to free up a sticky choke or to remove deposits from an internal passage. One common reason an engine starts hard or runs rough is using old gas. If you commonly use gas more than 30 days old, preserve the gas by adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent gumming and blockage of fuel lines. A stabilizer also keeps water from forming in fuels blended with ethanol.

Alternatively, use a percent synthetic oil to limit engine wear. Several engine problems are the result of a damaged or dirty spark plug. Prevent your engine from missing and use less fuel by replacing the spark plug each year. If you notice deposits on the spark plug during the mowing season, clean them off with a wire brush.

This will result in an easier to start mower and save your battery. Diana K. Williams is a certified Master Gardener, has more than a decade of experience as an environmental scientist, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and environmental studies from the Ohio Northern University. What Adjustments Can I Make to 3. By Diana K. Champion Portable Generator Troubleshooting. Stabilize the Gas One common reason an engine starts hard or runs rough is using old gas.

Clean the Spark Plug Several engine problems are the result of a damaged or dirty spark plug. Photo Credits. About the Author.

Related How Much Oil for a Honda 6. Oil Type for a Craftsman Series Lawnmower.I own a Bolens push mower with a 5.

I've had this mower for less than 2 years. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention, and I didn't store the mower properly without draining the fuel tank before the winter season.

Now, when I try to run the engine, it starts up normally for a few seconds, and then its' performance begins to lag, and every few seconds it will puff out light black smoke.

When I check the carburetor, the intake flap erratically opens and closes. So far, I've drained the fuel tank, dried, and put in fresh new gas. I've also replaced the air filter, and sprayed the carburetor with cleaner without removing the unit.

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I can technically cut the grass, but the grass isn't ejected into the bag properly, and it clogs up the rear hole, making the performance even worse. I've also made sure to clean any grass or debris from below mower, and I'm still having issues. The only thing I haven't tried is checking the fuel filter, but the filter is not able to be accessed without taking apart the engine.

After running the mower for a while, the performance seems to get better the lower the level of fuel. As well, I've also replaced the spark plug with a new one, and the performance is no different.

I will try a fuel additive when I have time. As well, where could I find the fuel filter? Is it supposed to be located in the same spot where the tank and the carburetor meet? Blue smoke means oil burning. Black smoke, your lawn mower engine is probably burning to much gasoline or does not have the right fuel to air mixture.

While you are at it, replace your spark plug and clean your air filter. If the engine is buring to much gas or is starved of fuel you may hear a "hunting" sound. That can be played with by slowly adjusting your fuel needle on the carburetor until the engine evens out. You mentioned the performance is better after the fuel level drops. Sounds like you have to muchof a fuel to air ratio. The more fuel in the tank the higher the head pressure from the fuel tank.

As the fuel drops the tank head pressure drops, resulting in slightly less fuel pressure.Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by:.

Incorrect oil grades. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle. Note: If the engine has to be tilted, ensure the spark plug is facing upwards to help prevent oil from escaping the crankcase.

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Engine oil capacity is dependent on your specific engine model and can be determined by checking the Oil Recommendation FAQ. Are you tilting the engine or using it at more than a 15 degree angle? Tilting your mower or equipment can cause leaks. Right the machine before moving forward.

Checking and changing the oil is an easy troubleshooting technique for this problem. WARNING: Always read the engine and equipment manual s before startingoperatingor servicing your engine or equipment to avoid personal injury or property damage.

What Adjustments Can I Make to 3.5 Briggs & Stratton Motor to Run Better?

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briggs and stratton runs rough black smoke

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